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White killer 3.0 DTD

9.00 inclusive VAT DDV : 22%
  • Proizvajalec: DTD
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It is white and it is deadly for squids. Presented on EFTTEX in Budapest 2017. this model gathered a lot of interest.

There are several special unique characteristics. Body of the squid jig is green glow.

Label on the top of the product is UV active, increases visibility of product in day fishing and special label on the side of the lure is blue glow.

Blue light, because of its wave length, is very visible in the sea and increases visibility in dark conditions.

This product just can not be unnoticed. Ideal for all conditions.

    • transparent contrast effect
    • vivid colors
    • strong blue glow effect
    • double weight = excellent balance
    • stainless steel hooks + ring
    • transparent luminous body
    • sound effect

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