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15.0017.50 inclusive VAT DDV : 22%

Jig ali pencil? Oboje!

14,5 cm – 80 g

15,5 cm – 100 g

16,5 cm – 120 g

Is it a jig? Is it a pencil? Well, actually it’s both! The Jig Pencil Micro Z is a very smart lure that has a low and centered balance to guarantee it will always stay in a natural position parallel to the water’s surface. This is due to the triangular cross-cut section profile, sardine shape and the fact it is made from zinc. This lure has been designed to make the difference in LRF and light game fishing with an amazing action no matter how you fish it – steady retrieve, jigging, twitching, jerking, you name it! You can even remove the treble hooks and add a micro assist hook to create a shocked fish action jig. This unique little lure really does have it all – along with amazing casting ability.

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14.5 cm, 15,5 cm, 16,5 cm

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