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Palica Savage Gear SG4 Travel Shore Game

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  • Palica Savage Gear SG4 Travel Shore Game
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Palica Savage Gear SG4 Travel Shore Game

Shore Game palice so zasnovane za obalni ribolov na morju z lahkimi do srednje težkimi umetnimi vabami. Popolnoma uravnotežena za optimalen občutek s hitrim, a prizanesljivim delovanjem. Vrh palice je občutljiv tako, da začutite že najmanjši dotik vabe tudi na večjih razdaljah.

Štiridelna zasnova in trda torbica omogočata lažji in varen transport.

279 cm 7 – 24 gr

• Japonski Toray 30T karbon
• Seaguide CCS stainless steel vodila z SIN obročki
• Nosilec kolesca Seaguide Alien Lock down
• Ročaj iz kvalitetne plute
• Trda transportna torba


l Guide system, designed for precise long distance casting with modern PE braids

Supplier of high quality guides and Real seats

Blanks produced with original high modulus Toray Carbon, that is superior in strength, elasticity and performance

1DFR increase the rod’s lifting power and maximum strength up to four times that of a standard rod blank

Rods with DLRS are equipped with a double-locking hood nut to ensure the reel stays securely connected with the rod

Rods built with DLS feature a reel seat nut that is screwed down from the front towards the reel

VTS I reel seats are made from a graphite reinforced material that’s specially designed to be extremely durable, strong, and lightweight as well as give you fantastic vibration transmission. Rods equipped with VTS I reel seats transfer vibrations from the rod blank directly to the angler’s hand offering great sensitivity and increased responsiveness

DuraCoat Matte stands is a special matte clear blank coating that achieves our three primary goals: aesthetics, durability and weight

Rods with SRS are equipped with a traditional reel seat, making them suitable for spinning reels

Combining a faster response with a resilience to be able to endure huge bends, 30T Toray carbon blanks give a rod power, speed and high-curve ability. Rods with TCS30 are perfect for anglers that seek technical performance on a blank that can withstand hard use

The rod handle is made of EVA material in hardness 70, which offers superior and comfortable grip in all conditions, even with wet hands

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274 – 9-35g, 290 – 9-35g

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