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Palica DAM Imax Tuna

129.00 inclusive VAT DDV : 22%
  • Proizvajalec: DAM - Imax
  • Spin palica IMAX Tuna
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Spin palica za tune DAM Imax Tuna

Spin palica za največje ribe. 60 – 135 gramske vabe letijo daleč in natančno.
Izjemna cena za nekompromisno kvaliteto.
Dolžina palice:240 cm
1+1 sekcija
50 Lbs

• TC24 karbon
• Visokokvalitetni anti-tangle  obročki za morje
• Visokokvalitetni DPS nosilec kolesca
• EVA camo ročaj
• Gumiran nosilec kolesca
• Cross gimbal butt cap

We had only one thing in mind when developing a completely new blank for this rod: bluefin tuna. Anyone who has fished for them before knows they present a unique challenge, so we made this rod capable of comfortably fishing a wide range of lure weights from 60g to 135g. The rods offer long-distance casting performance, incredible fighting power and precise lure control – the perfect combination for catching bluefin tuna, or a wide range of other hard-fighting salty species.
• TC24 carbon blank
• High-quality, saltwater resistant, tangle-free guides
• High-quality DPS reel seat
• High-quality camo EVA handle
• Rubberised reel seat
• Cross gimbal butt cap
• Supplied in a cloth bag
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