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Micro Skipper jig

9.50 inclusive VAT DDV : 22%

Inovativni jig za lov na površini!

Odličen za lov šurov, skuš, iglic, brancinov, malih tun …

4 cm – 5 g

6 cm – 9 g

This new Micro Skipper really is one of a kind. We reckon it is probably the world’s only micro skipping lure that is designed for crazy topwater action. It casts like a turbocharged rocket and once it touches the surface it immediately starts making lots of small slaps with a simple, steady retrieve. It’s as easy as that. Cast it out a few times and you’ll be catching aji, saddled bream, mackerel, needle fish, sea bass and just about any other topwater saltwater predator in no time.

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4 cm, 6 cm


Zelena, Pink

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