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Flat Line TG jig

12.0017.00 inclusive VAT DDV : 22%

Mikro jig Flat Line TG je nepogrešljiv, ko predatorji lovijo manjše ribice.  Velikosti od 3 – 4,5 cm. Volfram (tungsten) zagotavlja največjo mogočo težo ob najmanjših velikostih.

Trojček + assist trnk za bolj gotove prijeme.

Odličen za lov šurov, skuš, iglic, brancinov, malih tun …

3 cm – 5 g

3,5 cm – 8 g

4 cm – 12 g

4,5 cm – 15 g



Cast further and dive deeper than any other micro jig on the market with our amazing little tungsten bodied Flatline TG. Precisely designed with the perfect body-to-mass ratio for superior casting ability in any weather, this baby has an enticing flashing action on the fall and while jigging. When those curious predators do strike, there’s no chance of a failed hook-up thanks to the formidable combination of micro assist hooks and treble hooks. The ultimate choice for mackerel, saddled bream, needlefish, sea bream, aji and many other predators you’ll encounter when light game or offshore vertical micro jigging. This little fella has some big attitude.

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3 cm, 3,5 cm, 4 cm, 4,5 cm


UV Sardine, UV Pink glow, UV White glow

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